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Video Content Marketing

Discover the Power of Video as a Form of Content Marketing

Have you struggled to get attention online for your small business? Whether you are still working on developing a solid marketing strategy or have had little success with advertising, then perhaps it is time to take a step back and consider your approach. Recent trends show that the golden age of advertising is dead, as consumers have grown complacent with typical advertising methods. It turns out that one of the most effective forms of marketing has been in use for a couple hundred years; though, it is often overlooked. This method is content marketing. Part of the reason for the success of content marketing is that consumers are more likely to respond to helpful and informative content than they are to direct advertising. There are many different forms of content marketing, such as blog articles, press releases, and tutorials or guides; however, there is still one method of content marketing that is under-utilized by small businesses. This method of content marketing that is often ignored is video. Keep reading to discover the power of video as a form of content marketing.

The Overall Concept of Content Marketing

As mentioned, content marketing has been in use for a couple hundred years. It is a simple concept that goes a long way towards showing consumers that you have their best interests in mind. Content marketing is the practice of releasing helpful information that allows consumers to make informed decisions about the products or services that they plan on purchasing. It can also be used to provide consumers with a better understanding of how a product works. By informing clients, you are allowing them to make the best decision regarding their purchases.

The Use of Videos as Content Marketing

Video can be used as a form of content marketing, by filming the same helpful information that you would place inside a blog article or by recording a useful tutorial or guide. Instead of directly advertising your services or products, you are using videos to provide valuable information. When consumers find this information helpful, they are more likely to share it with friends and share it across social media platforms. This will help drive traffic to your small business website. Additionally, consumers are more likely to retain the information that you are providing when they see and hear the information when compared to simply reading a blog article or press release. Whenever you create a new video you should link to a relevant landing page with a direct call to action. After an internet user views your video, they will be directed to a page on your small business website where they can find more information or make a purchase.

Videos are Not Used Often Enough

While videos can be a very powerful form of content marketing they are currently not used by small businesses on a regular basis. This lack of use can be used to the advantage of your small business. There are millions of websites, making it difficult to climb the search engine rankings with your small business website; however, with proper search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO, you can have a higher rate of success with videos in search engines. The bottom line is that it is much easier to get people to view a video than to find and read your content.

Video Production Does Not Need to Be Expensive

One aspect that may keep small businesses from pursuing the creation of videos is that they worry about the cost of video production. The truth is video production does not need to be expensive. If you have helpful information or wish to create a tutorial, a quality video camera is all that is needed. Some affordable computer software, even free software, is available to help with the production. Your finished videos can be posted to YouTube, Vimeo, and other free video hosting services. Add your videos to relevant content on your small business website and watch the traffic flow in.

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