Growing Lansing Small Business

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Growing Lansing Small Business

If you are reading this, more than likely you live in or around Lansing. So you know as I do there are a wide variety of small businesses in Lansing - all with their own unique style and abilities. I have always loved this city, I was born here. Look at the way small business has renewed Old Town, I remember the early year of that redevelopment. At that time I was a teenager, there was really no business to speak of. Today, it is home to some of Lansing finest. We are witnessing the rebirth of REO Town now.

My family has lived in this city for 4 generations, my great grandfather worked at Motor Wheel and I have heard more great history of this city from my grandfather. He still loves to drive through old town and admire its return to its former glory. He spent much of his child hood there and remembers when there was a hotel and Freedlands was there even then. In fact, Freedlands has been a part of this city since the 1800s. In the down times, during WW2, they collected paper and metal to help support the war effort. Well, offering a little income helps local citizens. It is companies like this that inspire me to do more to grow this city. I hope that a hundred years from now people will look back and tell their grandchildren about how they remember Cloudy Mouse helping them grow the family business in to this world leader that it is today.

This is why 2 years ago my partner and I started Cloudy Mouse. We wanted to show the world what we already knew about Lansing by giving local small business a way to affordably compete with other businesses around the world. I know that this sounds like a cheap promo, but it is true - we love this city and wanted to do our part. We take pride in Lansing and are always looking for new ways to better represent Lansing via the internet; whether that means promoting local small business and events via our Facebook or offering discount to Lansing businesses on our services.

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There have been many changes in those 2 years. Like many, we had our share of mistakes and stumbles; though, for the most part we have done very well. The only thing is - we have not received as much response from the local businesses as we had hoped. Hence this article, I wanted those who also love this city to know that we are here to support you. If you would like to see your business move up in the search rankings or you would like to add an online store to your site we can help.

We know it is easy enough and less expensive to build a site on your own. We even offer free programs to help; though, as we all know, sometimes you need a pro. If you are a Lansing business and you need a pro - let us help. There are ways to improve one step at a time, as your budget allows; however, not being well represented on the web in this day and age is just not an option.

We would love to sit down with you, take a look at what you have, and see what your next step should be, at no charge. Then, if you would like our help we can detail a plan that will work for you. Maybe with our help, together we can grow something that is as much a part of Lansing as Freedlands has been.

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