Learn How to Grow Your Business With a Small Business Blog

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Learn How to Grow Your Business With a Small Business Blog

Have you been disappointed with the results that you are getting from your website? Once you have a website created to represent your business online you expect customers to start popping up. The problem is that a small five to seven page website that explains your products or services may not be enough to begin reaching additional customers. The internet is over saturated with websites. There are millions upon millions of websites out there and getting your handful of web pages to show up in search engine results is not always a simple task. If you really want to expand your reach and continue to grow your business, then you need to learn the advantages of having a small business blog.

How Can I Increase Customers with a Small Business Blog?

As mentioned, you are limited to a handful of pages with a standard business website. Over time, your business blog will include dozens of informative articles. This will increase the online presence of your website. Over 66% of businesses that add a new blog article each week has seen an increase in new customers. The numbers increase to 92%, for the businesses that blog daily. Here are some of the basic facts of how a small business blog can increase traffic to your website:

  • A larger website equals more traffic. The size of your website is a factor in search engine results.
  • More backlinks. People and other websites are more likely to link to a helpful blog article than a business web page.
  • People often share what they like with others. If they find your article useful they may share it through social media sites, creating even more backlinks. Also, social media sharing is a growing factor in Google search engine rankings.

What is a Small Business Blog?

The word blog gets tossed around a lot. Basically, a blog is a website that contains articles. What these articles are about will depend on the needs and purpose of each business. So how is this any different from a regular website? A standard business website is straight forward, you are limited in scope and will typically try to describe the products and services you offer, much as you would create an advertisement. The purpose of a blog is typically to inform or entertain people with helpful articles and then compile these articles in one location so that they are easy to navigate. Currently, over 40% of businesses use a business blog for various marketing strategies.

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What Will the Blog Articles Be About?

Since the point of a small business blog is to provide people with helpful information, blog articles are a good way to inform potential and existing customers about features and services. Being limited with the amount of information you want to provide on your business website, blog articles allow you to announce new products, services, and features as you release them. It is also a useful way to further explain the point of specific products or services. For example, if you operate a heating and air conditioning company, many people may not understand the point of having their furnace inspected annually. With a blog article you could explain the dangers of a faulty furnace and finish up by providing an overview of what an inspection would entail. This way your customers are more knowledgeable and can make an informed decision.

Does a Small Business Blog Require a New Website?

Whether or not you want an entirely new website to display your blog articles is up to you. That is a business decision that you will need to consider. All that you really need to display your blog articles is a new web page on your existing website that includes a simple navigation menu and excerpts of your most recent blog articles.

Do I Need to Write Blog Articles for My Business Blog?

Whether or not you write your own blog articles is another decision to consider. Running a small business can be very time consuming. Instead of writing your own articles, it is much easier to supply an SEO company with a topic and allow them to produce a high quality article. These companies have the experience and the talent to churn out helpful articles on any topic. They will do the keyword research to find the best keywords for your topic and then produce an informative article. How much information you supply about the content of the blog article is up to you. 

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