Custom Website vs Wordpress

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Custom Website vs Wordpress

Whether it is a custom website or a Wordpress theme, at some point, every business should have a website. While some may feel that social media profiles keep them in touch with customers, it does not provide the same level of exposure as having your own website on your own domain. If you operate a small business and you do not have a website, then it may be time to jump on the internet bandwagon – in fact, your competition probably already has a website.

When it comes to websites for small businesses, there seem to be two main options available – Wordpress or a custom website. There are other options; though, they can be lumped into the same group as Wordpress (such as Drupal and Joomla). There are advantages to both types and you may never notice the differences. Still, every business decision requires some research, so here are some of the advantages to having a custom website built compared to having a website plastered into a Wordpress theme.

What is Wordpress?

If you are not familiar with Wordpress, it is the most used blogging software in the world. It allows users to pick a theme and then build a website around that theme. When you get stuck trying to figure out how to edit an aspect of your Wordpress site, there is plenty of forums and discussion boards covering this blogging platform. This makes Wordpress wonderful for those that plan on maintaining their own website.

The reason that Wordpress is so prevalent is that it is easy to use. This means that anybody can decide to advertise themselves as a website designer. Businesses can end up with a simple site that any teenager could have put together in an afternoon. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with Wordpress websites; however, there is something wrong with a website designer charging you several thousand dollars for one.

The Benefits of a Custom Website

Wordpress is useful; though, having a custom website has it

s own benefits too. Instead of using a cookie cutter theme and then figuring out what colors to use, you get an entire custom website design that is made to represent your business. This allows your website to better reflect your business, as well as stand out among your competition.

Besides the overall appeal, another benefit to having a custom website built is that they are quicker to load. Wordpress is easy to use because it has extra code  – in order to let it work with plugins designed by individuals. All of this extra code is unnecessary for most websites, adding to the size of each web page. Custom websites do not need this extra code as everything is being designed to work together in the first place. This results in custom websites that are three to four times quicker to load than Wordpress websites.

Custom websites can be built to allow you to post your own content. That is one aspect of the custom websites that is often overlooked. Many businesses have enjoyed being able to post blog articles related to their business by using Wordpress. If that is your main reason for considering Wordpress over a custom website, then give custom websites another chance. They can be designed to allow you to make your own posts, just as Wordpress can, even with a simpler interface.

The bottom line is that a custom website can have a much more personalized touch than a Wordpress theme. If you are considering hiring a website designer to make a website for your business, ask if they can build you a custom website. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it can be. In the end, having a custom website is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing that you can use.

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