Targeting a Specific Demographic

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Targeting a Specific Demographic

Using Content Marketing to Reach a Target Audience

Lately there has been a trend in the marketing strategies of many companies to employ a form of marketing that has been in use for a couple hundred years. This form of marketing is content marketing. The concept of content marketing is simple, inform consumers so that they can make more educated decisions about the products and services they purchase. While this concept is simple, it can be hard to connect with a specific demographic if you do not understand your target audience.

One of the factors that can make or break your content marketing is whether you have a good understanding of who your target audience is. The content that you create should be written with one person in mind, not a wide range of potential customers. By narrowing down exactly who your target audience is, you can write specifically with them in mind. This will help you connect with consumers and achieve a higher conversion rate, increase customer retention, and even possibly help with customer referrals.

Different Audiences for Different Content

While it helps to understand your target demographic, this does not mean that all of your content needs to be geared towards the same group of consumers. You can have more than one target audience. If you feel that your business will reach a large cross section of consumers, then break down your target audience into groups. Whenever you create new content, decide which of these groups you intend to write your content for.

Creating a Profile of Your Target Audience

Before you start writing content geared towards specific demographics, create a profile of your target audience. Consider several factors and write them down. These factors include age, sex, income level, interests and hobbies, and geographic location. Also, come up with a list of their common traits. Write these down and create a complete profile of your target audience. Whenever you write content in the future, this is who you are writing your content to.

An Example of Target Demographics

In order to give you a better idea of how to target a specific demographic, take a look at this infographic. This infographic details four different demographics and includes some of the factors mentioned above. As you can see, these profiles provide a better understanding of each demographic.

Image Source: Olivier Carre-Delisle | Flickr | April 15, 2013

Writing Content Directly to a Target Audience

With your profiles determined, it is time to start writing content directly to a target audience. Picture your target audience in your head. Think about them as you write your content. It may even help to give them a name. Make this target audience a real person in your head. This is especially helpful if your content has a conversational tone. Imagine you are talking to this person and explaining the topic of your content. This will make your content a lot easier to relate to.

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Remain consistent with the release of new content. Create a schedule for releasing new content and stick with it. Always consider the profile you created when writing your content and speak directly to your target audience. Before long, you will see an increase in customer retention. Content marketing is a smart approach to marketing, as long you take the time to consider the interests of your target audience. The bottom line is that having a better understanding of your core audience will help direct the tone and style of the content that you create.

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